Matrix Service

Subspace.IM users are invited to use our Matrix network to communicate securely.

Matrix is an open standard for interoperable and decentralized communication. It strives to fix the problems of fragmented communications networks, supporting a wide variety of cross-network bridges. It is also an excellent stand-alone chat protocol that is competitive with modern applications such as Slack and Discord.

Matrix is maintained by The Foundation, whose values align well with our core values at Subspace.IM. The Matrix manifesto states that the Foundation believes:

In order to provide a more modernized chat experience, when using Matrix, more data is stored on our server than traditionally when you used our Jabber service in the past. This information is stored on our server using full disk encryption, and Matrix itself supports the enablement of end-to-end encryption to ensure that your messages are not even readable to us. If this still makes you uneasy, we suggest you use our XMPP service instead which does not record any message data.

Looking for a Matrix client? Check out our clients page. You can also try our Element Web client in your browser without any software installation required.

Subspace.IM users can connect to our Matrix server using the following information:
Port: 8448 or 443
Encryption Required

When connecting, the username field should be your username only. The Matrix ID (MXID) which you give out to your friends to add you as a contact is structured like so:

Here is an example of what logging into Element might look like: