Jabber \ XMPP Service

Subspace.IM users are invited to use our Jabber \ XMPP network to communicate securely.

XMPP is an open standard for messaging and presence, created in 1999 as an open source competitor to popular chat companies at the time. It's open source, simple, and well supported.

Our XMPP service logs no message contents on our servers and requires encryption to connect, so you can feel confident that your messages will not be seen by anyone other than the intended recipient.

Our service supports federation, meaning that you can add any Jabber contact on any globally federated server to talk to users on other networks. Note: Security of communications when talking on federated networks relies on the secure operations of the other party's network, this factor is outside of our control.

Looking for an XMPP client? Check out our clients page.

Subspace.IM users can connect to our XMPP server using the following information:
Server: subspace.im
Port: 5222
Encryption Required

When connecting, the username field should be your username only. Your Jabber ID which you would give out to contacts would be your username followed by "@subspace.im". (username@subspace.im).

Here is an example of what a profile for Pidgin might look like: